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Characters Discussed

Sir Henry Lee

Sir Henry Lee, a Royalist forced by the soldiers of Cromwell to move from the royal lodge, Woodstock, with his daughter. After they move back to the lodge, he helps to hide Prince Charles until the young prince can make his escape from England. Finally, as an old man, he lives just long enough to see the prince crowned as King Charles II.

Alice Lee

Alice Lee, the daughter of Sir Henry, in love with Markham Everard, Sir Henry’s nephew. Her father will not allow the marriage because Everard is a Puritan. Because of her love for Everard, she spurns Charles’s advances when he stays at the lodge disguised as a page. When Charles escapes, he asks Sir Henry to withdraw his objections to her marriage to Everard.

Albert Lee

Albert Lee, Sir Henry’s son. He helps to keep Charles hidden and makes arrangements for his escape. He disguises himself as the prince and decoys Cromwell’s soldiers while Charles escapes. When Albert is captured, Cromwell sentences him to death, but Cromwell later relents and changes the sentence to banishment. Albert finally is killed in battle.

Colonel Markham Everard

Colonel Markham Everard, Sir Henry’s nephew and a Puritan. In spite of his beliefs, he refuses to betray Charles and even helps him to escape. He is in love with and marries Alice.

Roger Wildrake

Roger Wildrake, Everard’s...

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