What are three things Storm hid from Gary in "Woodsong"?

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Storm, who liked to play, hid a number of things from the author, Gary Paulsen.  Some of these things included "a bootie...a small ladle used for watering the dogs, a cloth glove liner...a roll of tape, and finally, a hat".

Paulsen describes the incident where Storm hid the hat.  It was a hot day, and he had taken the hat off while he worked on a dog's harness.  The dog was just ahead of Storm in the line, so when the author knelt to work on the dog's harness, he put the hat down on the snow near Storm.  When Paulsen had finished with the task, he turned, and his hat was gone.  Paulsen, who was at first certain that he had put the hat down on the snow, began to wonder if perhaps he had left it at home or lost it on the run.

When the dogs advanced forward after Paulsen released the hook holding them in place, the hook accidentally dragged in the snow and unearthed the hat.  Storm had buried it neatly under the snow, smoothing the snow on top so that it was completely hidden.  When Storm saw that Paulsen had found the hat, he "smiled...then he shook his head once and went back to work, pulling" (Chapter 7).

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