Part 2, Days 8-17 Summary

"The Race—Day 8"

The race progresses to the barren interior of Alaska. The tundra is endless and unchanging and Paulsen's lead dog, Wilson, literally begins to fall asleep on his feet, mid-run. The musher discovers that if he softly calls out "Willy" when he sees the dog weaving a bit, he can keep him on track. When a fellow racer later comments that twice during the night, he had been passed by a person who was looking for someone named Willy, Paulsen, realizing the ludicrousness of his situation, does not even try to explain.

"The Race—Day 9"

In the "ghost town of Iditarod," Paulsen is accosted by a man who disembarks from a plane. There is a muzzled,...

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