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In the book Wonder, what are the last names of Julian and Summer?

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In the middle grade novel Wonder by author RJ Palacio, Summer and Julian are both students in school with the protagonist Auggie. Summer's last name is Dawson and Julian's last name is Albans.

These two characters could not be more different. Summer Dawson is a good friend to Auggie and a good person in general, whereas Julian Albans could probably be considered the main antagonist of the novel. He is a bully who makes fun of Auggie for his appearance.

Wonder has been so successful that there are now books and short stories expanding the universe. One of these, "The Julian Chapter," is a short story in which Julian Albans is the protagonist, giving readers the chance to see what the world looks like from his perspective.

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Summer's last name is Dawson and Julian's is Albans. Summer befriends and treats Auggie well when he arrives at Beecher Prep after having been home schooled, as does a boy named Jack Will. They are both able to see beyond Auggie's facial deformity to the person underneath. Julian, on the other hand, finds Auggie physically repulsive and bullies him. He tries to persuade the other students, especially his own gang, to shun Auggie. Julian refers to Auggie as a freak, and writes cruel notes to him. 

It doesn't seem as if Auggie's experiment in attending school is going so well until the class trip to a nature reserve camp, where kids from another school taunt and attack Auggie. At this point, other classmates beside Jack come to Auggie's defense.

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