Chapters 96-98 Summary

Extraordinary, But No One There to See

Miranda’s parents do not come to the opening night of the play. Her mom is too busy with work, and her dad is too busy with his new wife, who is about to have a baby.

None of Miranda’s friends are in the audience either. Her boyfriend, Zack, has a volleyball game and seems annoyed at her for not ditching the play to watch him. Even Ella, Miranda’s friend since childhood, decides to hang out with the volleyball crowd instead of coming to the show.

By now, Miranda has realized that she has a talent for this acting thing. But to her, it hardly matters: “I was going to be extraordinary, but there would be no one there to see.”

While preparing for the show, Miranda spots August in the crowd. On impulse, she rushes to the director and claims to be too sick to go onstage. He argues with her, but she insists. Eventually he calls for Olivia to play the lead role instead.

As Via puts on Miranda’s costume, she seems to sense that Miranda is not telling the truth about her illness. She asks why Miranda is not going onstage, but Miranda does not have time to answer. She reflects that this does not matter: “I don’t know what I would have said…I wasn’t sure what the answer was.”

The Performance

The show goes well, and Miranda thinks Via is “awesome.” Via only makes one mistake with the lines, and Justin does a great job of covering the problem. Throughout the show, the director is “a wreck.” He seems more nervous than all of his cast and crew combined, but everything goes fine. The audience obviously loves the show.

During the curtain call, Miranda feels a twinge of jealousy, but it disappears when Via’s family comes backstage to congratulate her. In the hubbub, Miranda sees August looking lost, so she goes to say hello.

After the Show

Miranda chats with August a bit, and soon Via and her family come over. When they ask if she is feeling better, Miranda says she is okay now. They thank her for letting Via go on, and she downplays the choice. After all, she gets to appear in two more shows.

At the end of this conversation, Via’s family invites Miranda out to dinner. Miranda tries to say no, but Via puts an arm around Miranda and demands that she come along.

As Part Seven of Wonder ends, Miranda feel happier than she has felt in ages.