Chapters 93-95 Summary

Camp Lies

Part Seven of Wonder is told from Miranda’s perspective. Her parents get divorced during the summer before ninth grade, and she hardly sees her father afterward. Her mother refuses to talk about it or about much of anything else.

Miranda does not want to go to camp right after her parents’ divorce, but her mom insists. Miranda gives in, figuring her mom wants time alone. At first, camp is awful, and Miranda is all alone.

Then she tells a lie: she says she has a deformed little brother. Overnight, Miranda becomes popular. She spends the summer sneaking out, smoking, and letting the popular girls change her look. Afterward, she calls Ella and talks about the fun parts of this experience.

Miranda avoids Via because Via would want to talk about all of it.


Now that school has restarted, Miranda does not see much of Via. Whenever Via is around, Miranda feels like she is being judged. It is obvious that Via does not like the popular crowd or Miranda’s new look. Miranda and Ella drift away. They pretend that Via has done something wrong because that makes the change easier. 

Still, Miranda keeps track of Via from afar. When she notices that Via has a boyfriend, Miranda is surprised but sort of pleased. When Via signs up for theater, Miranda does too. Even so, the two of them basically ignore each other.

One day, Miranda sees the theater director photocopying scripts of The Elephant Man, a play about a deformed man. Again, Miranda lies and says she has a deformed brother—but this time she lies to protect Via. The theater director does not want to change the play at first, but Miranda gives him the impression that her parents would make a fuss.

Eventually the play gets changed to Our Town, and Miranda tries out for the lead. She only does so because she knows Via will do the same. Miranda is shocked when she gets the role.

What I Miss Most

Miranda misses Via, but she especially misses Via’s family. Via’s parents are everything Miranda’s own parents are not, and August is a sweet little boy. She does not find his face repulsive, and she loves him as if he were her own brother.

One day, Miranda calls August, who seems thrilled to hear from her. She is surprised but pleased to learn that he has started at a regular school and that he has made some friends. She soon discovers that August does not know Via is not hanging out with Miranda anymore. Miranda tries to downplay the change.