Chapters 88-89 Summary


Via tells August to come quick and talk to Mom, and August says he does not want to apologize. Via is disgusted. “Not everything in the world is about you, Auggie!” she says. It turns out that Daisy, the dog, is sick again. August is supposed to come and say goodbye.

August comes out of his cave, and he get scared when he sees Via crying. He holds her hand on the way to the living room, where he finds his mom cradling a whimpering Daisy. She says that she is taking Daisy to the vet, but she doubts Daisy will get better. Mom thinks the dog may have to be put to sleep.

August begs Mom not to take Daisy away, but he knows he cannot prevent this from happening, so he soon gives in. He whispers “I love you” into Daisy’s ear before she goes.

Via and August follow Mom to the door and watch while she loads Daisy into the backseat of a taxi. Just before Mom leaves, August shouts that he loves her, and that he is sorry for what he said. After Mom and Daisy are gone, August and Via hug each other and cry.

Daisy’s Toys

August and Via gather all of Daisy’s toys and set them on the coffee table in the living room. They sit around gloomily, waiting, and soon Justin joins them. Via tells them how, just after August left the room, Daisy started to moan and shake. She even bit Mom’s hand when Mom tried to help.

August cries, and Via hugs him close and says she is sorry for everything. August accepts the apology. The fight does not seem very important to him anymore.

A couple of hours later, Mom and Dad come home without Daisy, and they explain that Daisy had a huge, incurable mass in her stomach. Dad held her just the way she liked to be held, and Mom kissed her goodbye. Then the vet put Daisy to sleep. They all feel sure that the death was not painful.

Later that evening, August goes looking for someone to put him to bed. In his parents’ room, he finds his dad crying silently. August has never seen his dad cry before, and he thinks he may be “whisper-crying” so nobody else will notice. August sneaks out of the room without being seen.

Next August goes to Via’s room, but Via is sobbing on the bed while Mom comforts her. August decides that he is on his own, so he puts himself to bed without asking anyone to comfort him. He falls asleep in his pile of stuffed animals, imagining that Daisy is among them.