Chapters 6-7 Summary

Paging Mr. Tushman

When he goes with his mom go to meet Mr. Tushman, August is a little giggly at first because he keeps thinking of all the butt jokes he and his family made. He kind of expects the principal to have a big rear end, but Mr. Tushman turns out to be a skinny, normal-looking old guy.

When Mr. Tushman introduces himself, August looks at the ground to hide his face. The principal kneels down so August has to look at him, and they talk about the subjects August likes to study. Because August likes science, Mr. Tushman asks if he would like to sign up for a science elective. August nods, although he does not know what that is.

Next Mr. Tushman says it is time for a tour. This surprises August, who thought he was there only to meet the principal. He is a little annoyed with his mom as the three of them go inside.

Beecher Prep is much smaller than the school Via used to go to. August thinks it has a strange smell, like a hospital.

Nice Mrs. Garcia

It is still summer, so Beecher Prep’s halls are almost empty. August hides behind his mom so the few people in the halls will not see him. He knows this is “kind of babyish,” but he does not feel brave enough to deal with being seen by a lot of strangers today.

In the office, August meets the secretary, Mrs. Garcia, who reacts the way most people do when they see him. Her eyes drop for a second, and her smile gets much brighter. August feels uncomfortable as he shakes her hand, but she is friendly as she tells him he can always check with her if she needs anything.

When August does not say anything, his mom asks if the baby in the picture on her desk is her son. Mrs. Garcia beams and says he is her grandson, and he is not a baby anymore. The two of them chat happily for a minute about babies, but Mrs. Garcia’s smile fades a little when Mom says how beautiful the baby in the picture is.

“We’re all going to take very good care of August,” Mrs. Garcia says. August sees her squeeze his mom’s hand, and at that moment, he realizes that his mom is totally scared too. He decides he likes Mrs. Garcia as long as she is not making the extra-bright smile.