Chapters 58-59 Summary


Jack has no idea what “Bleeding Scream” means. He begs Summer to tell him why August is mad, and that is all she says. This annoys Jack because it came as a shock when August got mad at him. They were friends, and then suddenly August became cold and silent. When Jack asked what was going on, August refused to explain.

Now Jack is beginning to feel angry too. He hangs out with his other friends, telling himself that he and August can go on ignoring each other forever. But in the back of his mind, he admits that this is hard since the two of them sit together in every class.

At school, nobody talks to August except Summer, and sometimes Reid and the two Maxes. A lot of kids might still be playing the Plague. Jack isn’t sure because nobody invited him to play in the first place. 

In school, Jack and August only talk if they cannot avoid it. In some ways this is good because now Jack can spend time with all his other friends, the ones who refused to hang out with August. Other kids all want to be popular, and they cannot do that with August around.

Jack reflects that he could now get into the popular crowd if he wanted to. Unfortunately, he does not like the popular kids, and he does like August. He wishes everything were not so “messed up,” and he tells himself it is all August’s fault.


Snow falls on the day before Thanksgiving break. Jack wakes up to a quiet, snowy world and he finds out that school is cancelled. “I’m always going to think that’s the best feeling in the world,” he thinks.

Jack’s dad, a teacher, has the day off too, so he takes the boys sledding at Skeleton Hill. Jack has a great time, and he finds a beat-up, abandoned sled on the way home. Although his dad tells him it is junk, Jack is pretty sure it could become an awesome sled. He takes it home and spends a full day fixing it and painting it.

The following day, Jack takes the sled to Skeleton Hill, and it turns out to be the fastest one he has ever ridden. He and Jamie take turns riding down the hill until their lips turn blue and their dad drags them home.

After vacation, the snow is gone, and the world is a mess. Jack feels like a mess too. He nods hello to August in the halls and wishes he could talk about the sled, but he knows he cannot.