Chapters 24-25 Summary

Mr. Browne’s October Precept

In October, Mr. Browne writes a new precept on the chalkboard: “YOUR DEEDS ARE YOUR MONUMENTS.” He has chosen this quote because it comes from an Egyptian tomb, and he knows the class is studying Ancient Egypt in history. When asked to write a paragraph about the precept, August writes that it means that people should be known for what they do, not what they say or how they look.


August’s birthday is October 10, which he likes because he can write it as 10/10. He wishes he had been born at 10:10 a.m., but he was not that lucky.

Most years, August has a small birthday party at home, but this year he asks for a big bowling party with his whole homeroom, and Summer as well. His mom is surprised but pleased that he wants to have a birthday party in a public place. Still, she is a little unsure about inviting so many people. She is especially concerned about asking Julian because of the question he asked last summer about August’s face. August is annoyed. “Geez, Mom, you should forget about that already,” he says.

As the big day approaches, August asks his mom how many of the kids are going to come to the party. Only Jack Will, Summer, Reid, and two boys named Max have said they will be there. A couple of others have said they will try to come if they are able.

August is disappointed. He asks why so many people said no, and his mom said they all had different conflicts. She insists that it is because it is a busy time of year and the invitations went out fairly late, but August is suspicious there are other reasons. He asks why Julian is not coming, and his mom admits that Julian’s mom did not answer the invitation at all. “I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” August’s mom says. When August asks what this means, she tells him not to worry about it.

In the end, the party is smaller than August first hoped, but it is still a lot of fun. In addition to the five kids from school, Christopher comes from the suburbs. A bunch of August’s adult relatives come too, and they bowl in the lane next to the kids. This makes August feel like a whole crowd of people has showed up just to celebrate his birthday.