Chapters 111-112 Summary


On the way home, Mr. Tushman says he called August’s parents to let them know that there was a bullying incident, but that August is okay. Mr. Tushman also says that the adults at camp spent the morning looking for August’s hearing aids but failed to find them. Privately, August thinks that Eddie may have stolen them “as a kind of souvenir.”

At school, Mom is waiting for August. She hugs him tightly but does not demand to hear what happened. August gets his bag, and as he does, he notices that a lot of kids are saying goodbye to him and patting him on the back. Mr. Tushman hugs August goodbye before he goes.


The arrival home is sad for August because he has forgotten that Daisy is gone, and he misses greeting her at the door. Inside, his mom hugs him again, and August can tell she is worried. He says he is fine.

As his mom makes lunch, August starts to tell her about the weekend. He says that except for last night, it was awesome. He wishes those seventh graders had not “ruined the whole trip.” Mom advises him not to let anyone control his feelings that way. If he had a good time, he should focus on that, not on the bad parts.

August tells his mom that the boys who attacked him were seventh graders, but that Jack and Amos fought them anyway. His mom asks why they were in the woods in the first place, and August explains that Jack wanted to avoid the bathroom line. He can tell she disapproves of this decision, but she does not say so. She just asks him to go on with his story, and he says he wants to wait until Via and Dad get home so he does not have to repeat the story a bunch of times.

When August is finished eating, he asks if he is going to have to face people like those seventh graders his whole life. Mom thinks this over seriously, and she says:

There are always going to be jerks in the world, Auggie…But I really believe, and Daddy really believes, that there are more good people on this earth than bad people, and the good people watch out for each other and take care of each other.

A few minutes later, August’s dad and Via get home. Dad is carrying a cardboard box, and he asks August to open it. When August obeys, a puppy pops out.