Chapters 104-106 Summary

The Fairgrounds

On the second day of nature camp, August goes horseback riding and tree climbing. In the afternoon, during rest time, August writes his parents a short letter. He likes the idea of reading it to them himself; obviously it will not get home before he does.

After dinner, the kids board buses to some nearby fairgrounds for an outdoor movie night. August’s school is the first to arrive, so he and his friends lay their stuff on the ground right in front by the screen. There are booths selling snacks and sodas, and more booths with carnival games. August and Jack buy snacks. They try the games too, but they do not win.

Soon kids from other schools arrive, and by the time everyone gets settled, it is already dark. Suddenly, lights go on around the movie screen. The effect is dramatic, and the kids clap and cheer.

Be Kind to Nature

Before the movie, an announcer speaking through big speakers welcomes the students from each of the three schools participating in the movie night. Next, he asks them to clean up their messes and “be kind to nature.” He tells them not to step past the orange cones around the edge of the school. Apparently a few kids get lost every year.

The final announcement is the title of the movie: The Sound of Music. August claps, but many kids from other schools boo. Somebody throws a soda can at the screen. August sees Mr. Tushman glare toward the thrower of the can, but he cannot do anything because the kid is not from Beecher Prep.

When the movie begins, August sits back to watch.

The Woods Are Alive

In the middle of the movie, Jack whispers to August that he has to go to the bathroom. August gets up with Jack, and they walk to the bathrooms, where they find a huge line. Jack does not want to wait, so he decides to find a tree instead. August does not like this idea, but he goes along anyway.

On their way into the woods, Jack and August see Amos, Henry, and Miles—all friends of Julian’s. None of them are exactly fighting with Jack and August anymore, but only Amos is friendly with them. When Henry makes a threatening comment about bears, Amos makes clear that it is only a joke. 

Jack spends a long time searching for “the perfect tree” to pee on, and August hangs back. He ends up peeing on a tree himself, but he does not go far into the woods in the dark like Jack. As they both zip up, they smell firecrackers in the dark.