Chapters 102-103 Summary


August wakes up very early, and he thinks he sees Daisy sitting on the end of his bed. He does not realize at first that this is a dream until after Daisy disappears. Still, the sight of his dog makes him feel strong. He waits for the world to start waking up outside, and then he gets up and begins getting ready for the day. Before leaving his room, he fishes Baboo out of his bag. He hides the stuffed bear under the pillow with a note:

Dear Mom, I won’t need Baboo, but if you miss me, you can cuddle with him yourself. xo Auggie

Day One

On the bus, August has a great time with Jack, Summer, and Maya. Julian is not there, nor is he on the other bus. Eventually, August learns that Julian thinks nature camp is “dorky,” so he decided not to come. This news thrills August, whose worries about camp centered largely on the difficulties of spending a whole weekend around Julian.

At camp, the kids make their way to the cabins, where August shares a bunk bed with Jack. They both want the top bunk, but August wins rock, paper, scissors and gets it for himself. The other kids in the cabin are mainly boys who are fairly nice to August, so that is good too.

Later, August takes a hike through “real woods,” which he defines as wilder wilderness than Central Park. He thinks the trees and plants are awesome, and he is pleased to discover that his hearing aids make him better at noticing bird calls than the other kids.

During the hike, it rains, and August dutifully puts on his poncho to protect his hearing aids. His feet get soaked, but he does not mind. He and the other boys in his cabin end up having “a wet-sock fight” when the hike is over.

After a bit of indoor free time, the rain lets up. Everyone is happy about this because they get to have a cookout under the stars. They eat hot dogs and s’mores by the fire. It is very buggy, but August does not get bitten much because he followed his mom’s advice about bug spray. Then it gets dark, and everyone looks at the stars. August is amazed how many there are. They do not look that way from New York City at all.

August does not need his book at bedtime. He is so tired he falls asleep immediately.