Chapter 51 Summary


At school the next day, Summer finds Savanna. She explains her abrupt departure from the party by saying she ate bad Halloween candy and got sick. She also says that she has a crush on a boy who is not Julian. Savanna, naturally, wants to know who, but Summer refuses to reveal the boy's identity.

August stays home the day after Halloween. The following Monday, he acts weird. He refuses to look at Summer, and he barely talks. When she asks if he is mad at her, he says he is not. She asks him about being sick, and his answer is curt. He picks up a book to read, as if she is not trying to have a conversation with him. Then he starts chewing with his mouth open, almost as if he wants to drive her away.

Summer finds this rude and thinks that August is giving off “a bad vibe,” but she keeps trying. She brings up the upcoming Egyptian Museum project for history. All the kids have to build a model of an Egyptian artifact and present it in a big evening event for parents. She asks about August’s topic, and he reveals that he got the Step Pyramid of Sakarra. She tells him she has to learn about a god called Anubis, and she invites him over to work on their projects at her house.

At this, August puts down his sandwich and stares at her. He tells her she does not have to pretend to be his friend. He knows that nobody actually likes him and that the principal asked kids to fake it for his sake.

Summer is confused and upset. She says nobody asked her to be August’s friend, but he does not believe her. She swears it is the truth, showing him her hands so he can see she is not crossing her fingers. He dives under the table to look at her toes, and he acts suspicious when he sees she is wearing tights. She shouts at him that her toes are not crossed.

By now, Summer is mad at August. She hates it when people blame her for doing things she never did. August apologizes, but she is too annoyed to accept the apology. Eventually, he tells the story about what Jack said on Halloween. This at least makes sense to Summer, and she forgives August. She promises not to tell anyone about Jack, and he promises not to act all mean and distant with her in the future.