Chapter 29 Summary


To August, Halloween is the best day of the year. He likes it even better than Christmas, mainly because on Halloween, he gets to wear a mask. “Nobody takes a second look,” he says. “Nobody notices me. Nobody knows me.” Sometimes he wishes people wore masks all the time. That way, people could get to know each other a little before revealing their appearance.

When August was five or six, he had an astronaut helmet that he wore constantly. He wore it even in summer when it made him hot and sweaty. But when he was seven, he had eye surgery and had to stop wearing the mask for a while. Somehow it got lost, and his mom could not find it anywhere. Eventually he got used to life without it.

August has pictures of himself on every Halloween, and he remembers the costumes he wore every year. For the last few years, he has always been a character from Star Wars. He has been Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader. Last year, he was Bleeding Scream.

This year, August wants to be Boba Fett, but not the younger version of the character from the newer Star Wars movies. He wants to be the older version from The Empire Strikes Back. His mom could not find a costume for sale, so she bought a Jango Fett costume and painted it the right color. August loves how it looks and cannot wait to wear it.

In homeroom one day, August and the other kids discuss their costumes. Julian is going as Jango Fett, the father of Boba Fett. August thinks Julian is annoyed when he learns about this connection.

On Halloween morning, Via gets into “this big crying meltdown,” which is unusual for her. Her dad, who normally takes her to school, gets impatient because he is late for work. This is unusual for him, too. Eventually August’s mom decides to take care of Via, and she asks August’s dad to take him to school. August does not have his costume on yet, and his dad tells him to hurry.

August rushes to his room, but the Boba Fett costume is a lot of work to put on, and he needs help tightening all the belts. He grabs his Bleeding Scream costume from last year, which is easier to handle, and he puts it on instead. Outside, his dad comments on the sudden change but says the Bleeding Scream costume is really cool. With that, the two of them set out for the school.