The Women in His Life

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Maximilian West is so influential in the financial community, his every action is carefully watched by analysts around the world. Yet this man who is so powerful in his chosen sphere seems quite helpless and unlucky in another.

The child of a prominent Jewish banker in Berlin, he is spirited out of Germany by his fearful mother in 1939. Trapped in England during the war, Maximilian is reared to manhood by the loving and nurturing nanny Theodora. Although devastated by his parents’ death, Maximilian proceeds to build a new life on the financial foundation left by his father.

That empire inevitably comes into conflict with the great love of his life, the aristocratic but possessive Anastasia. Anastasia’s divorce shatters Maximilian, but he is fortunate to rediscover the beauteous Camilla. Soon, however, his newfound happiness is destroyed by Camilla’s tragic and accidental demise. Maximilian attempts to fill the void with Adriana, but she proves unable to discard her own identity for that of wife of the great man. Ultimately, Anastasia perceives that although she has difficulty living with him, she cannot live without the magnetic Maximilian, and all’s well that ends well.

THE WOMEN IN HIS LIFE will undoubtedly find a market among Barbara Taylor Bradford’s many fans around the world. It is doubtful if they will notice the unbalanced nature of the work. Bradford devotes an inordinate amount of time to the Berlin part of the narrative. Still, despite the rather sketchy aftermath, this work will no doubt be appreciated and purchased in volume.