The Women of Brewster Place Mattie Michael, Sections 4-5 Summary

Gloria Naylor

Mattie Michael, Sections 4-5 Summary

Mattie stays with Eva until the older woman dies. By then, Mattie has saved enough money to make a down payment on Eva's house and make it her own. Mattie has to work two jobs, though, to pay the mortgage. In the meanwhile, her son, Basil, grows up.

As a boy, Basil had been sickly, which made Mattie spoil him a lot. She always thought she needed to defend him at school, too. When things did not work out at one school, she moved Basil to a new school. She always gave into him rather than disciplining and disappointing him. Eva had pointed this out to Mattie, telling her that kind of love was not healthy for the boy, but Mattie chose to ignore the older woman's advice. Mattie thought she knew what was best for her son....

(The entire section is 555 words.)