The Women of Brewster Place Luciella Louise Turner Summary

Gloria Naylor

Luciella Louise Turner Summary

Lucielia Louise Turner is the mother of a young girl, Serena. As this chapter opens, people are gathering for Serena's funeral. At first there is no explanation given for the girl's death. There is only a discussion between a man named Eugene, who claims to be Serena's father, and Ben, the apartment janitor. Eugene is complaining because everyone, especially Mattie, is refusing to allow Eugene to attend his daughter's funeral.

The story then jumps backward in time to when Serena was still alive. Lucielia, who is referred to as Ciel, is doing the dishes when she hears the door to her apartment open. Without turning, she knows it is Eugene. He is the only other person who has a key. She has not seen Eugene in a long time....

(The entire section is 562 words.)