The Women of Brewster Place Etta Mae Johnson Summary

Gloria Naylor

Etta Mae Johnson Summary

Etta Mae Johnson is a lifelong friend of Mattie's. The two women have known one another since childhood. It was to Etta Mae that Mattie turned when Mattie was pregnant. In spite of their long relationship, the two women are very different from one another. Whereas Mattie has always been determined to live her life independently, Etta Mae has spent most of her life looking for a man to take care of her. Though she has been in many disastrous relationships, Etta Mae still hopes that one day her dream of a perfect man will appear.

Etta Mae arrives after Mattie has been living at Brewster Place for a while. She had written to Mattie telling her to expect her. What Mattie did not expect was to see Etta Mae arrive in a pink...

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