The Women of Brewster Place The Block Party & Dusk Summary

Gloria Naylor

The Block Party & Dusk Summary

Kiswana has planned a block party for Brewster Place to raise funds to pay for a lawyer so the tenants can fight their absent landlord. It has been raining all week, ever since the morning that Ben died. There is no mention of Lorraine and what has happened to her. All that readers know is that she is no longer there.

Mattie is outside, grilling ribs. Other women stand behind tables filled with cakes and other desserts. Music is playing and Etta is dancing. Kiswana moves from one table to the next, worried about the sales as well as the dark clouds that are forming overhead. Customers from around the neighborhood are coming to eat.

When Mattie looks up from her cooking, she sees a woman walking toward her....

(The entire section is 534 words.)