The Woman's Prize

by John Fletcher

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Petruchio is known as the "tamer." He marries Maria after the death of his first wife, Katherine. His tactics and manipulation are proven inferior to that of Maria's. At the end he is able to come to an agreement with his wife to start a new life together.

Maria is the second wife of Petruchio and becomes his "tamer" in a turn of the gender tables. She is resistant to his domination and joins a band of women in abstinence. They declare that they will not take their husbands until they change their ways. Her strategies are cunning and witty. She ultimately agrees to start a new life with her husband at the end of the play.

Livia is Maria's sister and is in love with Roland. She, like the other characters, is able to evade marriage to an older man she does not love.

Bianca is the cousin who encourages Maria to show strength.

Moroso is in love with Livia. He helped to match Petruchio and Maria. He is also tricked into signing for the marriage between Rowland and Livia.

Rowland is Livia's sweetheart. He fears that Livia will fall for Moroso's wealth. Once the misunderstanding is cleared, he marries his sweetheart.

Petronius is the father of the sisters. While he loves them very much, he sets high expectations and is controlling.

Tranio is Petruchio's good friend. He is at the center of all the tricks and aids in fooling his friends.

Sophocles is another good friend to Petruchio. He has a calmer demeanor than the other men. Maria flirts with him in order to make Petruchio jealous.

Jacques is the servant of Petruchio. He is told of Maria's plans to make her husband sleep outside their bed. He has to inform Petruchio of Maria's refusal.

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