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(Great Characters in Literature)

Jeanne de Lamare

Jeanne de Lamare (zhahn deh lah-MAHR), the woman whose life is recounted from young womanhood to the time she becomes a grandmother. As an innocent young girl, just out of a convent, she goes to live in the country with her parents. There, she marries a man whom she soon discovers to be parsimonious and unfaithful to her. Jeanne bears a child, on whom she lavishes all of her affection. She then discovers that her husband is unfaithful to her again, this time with the wife of a neighboring count. The count kills his wife and Julien, and the rest of Jeanne’s life is spent catering to the extravagant whims of her son.

Julien de Lamare

Julien de Lamare (zhew-LYAN), Jeanne’s thoroughly reprehensible husband. He manages the estate in a penurious manner, and he fathers a child by the maid. Later, he takes Countess de Fourville as his mistress. He is killed when the count discovers him with the countess.

Paul de Lamare

Paul de Lamare, Jeanne’s son, whom she spoils completely. He runs away from school and spends the next few years asking for and getting money from his mother. He writes to ask her permission to marry his mistress. When she does not approve, he marries the girl anyway, and they have a child. After his wife dies, he returns home with his daughter.

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