Woman’s Guide to Savvy Investing

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

For those who feel the pressure to take an active role in securing their own financial future, it has become increasingly obvious that the stock market is a very popular option. Almost as obvious is that the language of the marketplace is as threatening as the prospect of losing one’s hard-earned money.

Marsha Bertrand, a personal finance expert who has worked in an investment firm and has written magazine articles about investments, draws upon her experience with female clients to address their fears in particular. In twenty-six short chapters, A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SAVVY INVESTING: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO PROTECT YOUR FUTURE provides a handy reference to Wall Street terminology and mechanics, enough to get novices started and the more experienced to get a handle on the finer details of making money grow. Investment basics are explained in lively, colloquial language which enable readers, for example, to do research and track the financial well-being of companies, buy and sell, distinguish among stocks, bonds, and mutual funds; to choose a stockbroker or financial advisor, or to form an investment club. Larger issues beyond the nitty-gritty are also broached: the need to handle investments appropriately for different stages in one’s life-cycle, for instance, or the possibility of investing with a social conscience both locally and globally.

To encourage women to learn these and other sophisticated aspects of money management, Bertrand also includes both sobering and motivational statistics. Women simply need to be financially independent, she warns, but, she notes encouragingly, the women who do invest boldly in the stock market tend to do as well if not better than many men. The loss of spending power as a result of getting divorced, being laid off, or retiring only on Social Security should be enough to wake women up. An astounding eighty to ninety percent of women, according to government statistics, will have to take charge of their own finances at some point.

The good news in A WOMAN’S GUIDE TO SAVVY INVESTING is that women need not hesitate to tap into the growth potential currently available in the investment marketplace at any stage of their lives because becoming financially independent through wise investments is a skill that can be learned.