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Compare and contrast the Chinese tradition of "talking story" to traditions of oral storytelling in other cultures. Describe the relative importance of the tradition in various cultures and explain the purposes the tradition serves for different peoples.

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Research the history of Chinese immigration in the United States. When did it begin? For what reasons did the Chinese leave their own country? Where are the largest populations of Chinese in the United States? How have they adapted to this culture?

Explore the history of Chinese laundries in the United States. Why did many Chinese immigrants find employment in this particular industry?

Read about the role of women in China. Compare and contrast the role of women in China to the role of women in the United States.

In the novel The Woman Warrior, Kingston recalls her early years in school, particularly her kindergarten year when teachers were disturbed by her black paintings and her silence. Assume the role of a child psychologist and offer an informed opinion of her reasons for these actions. Then, prescribe a course of action for the teachers and her parents.

Take Kingston's position and defend your silence and black paintings. Defend your actions from the viewpoint of your life experiences and their contributions toward making you the successful adult you now are.

Why do you think that Kingston spent eighteen months in bed after she confronted the silent Chinese girl? Defend your answer.

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