The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

After Det Morson, Lord of Rondoval, and his wife Lydia are killed, Mor, an old sorcerer, finds their child, Pol. Fearing for the child’s life, Mor exchanges him for the child of Michael and Gloria Chain in the human world. Knowing that Det had courted the dark powers, Mor also breaks Det’s scepter into three pieces, hiding them at various sites in the magical world. Finally, he lays a sleep-spell on the castle and seals the cavern beneath, trapping a thief named Mouseglove who was there stealing figurines.

Each child is displaced from his natural world. Pol, now in the place of Dan Chain, displays magical abilities on Earth, and Mark Marakson, the real Chain child, displays a genius for technology in the magical world. His inventions scare the villagers, and they regard him as an evil sorcerer. After a battle with them in which his adopted father is killed and he is wounded, he retreats to Anvil Mountain, where his work threatens the balance between the two worlds. Disturbed, Mor convinces Dan/ Pol to return to the magical world because he has a talent that can save both worlds. Mor dies shortly thereafter.

Pol feels comfortable in the magical world, but he is regarded as evil. He eventually discovers Rondoval and his own abilities with spells. He wakes a dragon named Moonbird and the thief, Mouseglove. He traps Mouse-glove, finds out where the parts of his father’s scepter have been hidden, expresses a desire for revenge on the villagers, rescues Mark’s former girlfriend, Nora, and visits Anvil Mountain. He tries to make peace with Mark, but Mark believes that Pol is interested in Nora. They fight, and Pol subdues him. Mark is too warped by his hate to listen to reason.

Pol recovers two parts of the scepter, but during the attempt to recover the last, Nora is captured by Mark’s men and carried off. Pol and Mouseglove, aided by an army of...

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