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1. Ged grows up in the course of this novel. What are the qualities that mark him as childish in his early youth? What are the qualities that mark him as adult at the end?

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2. What meanings are associated with Ged's Shadow? Why does it flee from him when he begins to pursue it?

3. What happens to Ged and his Shadow at the end of the novel? What does this have to do with his becoming an adult?

4. What are the rules that govern magic in Earthsea? What can magic do and what is impossible using magic? Why?

5. Ged says that the shining of the stars is the speaking of a long word of which every true name is a syllable. What does this mean? What does it have to do with the possibilities and the limits of magical powers?

6. Ged has many teachers, but the most important are Ogion and Vetch. What are the most important things he learns from these two people? What important things does he learn from others?

7. Discuss the methods of teaching at Roke. What are the most important things the Mages teach the student wizards? How is this teaching best accomplished?

8. Ged's rivalry with Jasper at Roke is a main cause of his releasing the Shadow. What are the causes of this rivalry? Who seems most at fault?

9. After releasing the Shadow, Ged undergoes a series of temptations to gain power over it at the expense of the welfare of other people. What are those temptations? How does he overcome them?

10. Discuss the verse that precedes the first chapter. What does it mean? How does it apply to the novel?

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