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1. Based on your reading of the novel and discussions of the rules of magic, write a rule book for wizards. This book should include the most important rules for what wizards can and cannot do in Earthsea. Explain why each rule must be obeyed.

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2. This novel is similar to traditional fairy tales in which characters succeed by confronting frightening beings. Examples might include "Hansel and Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood." Read one of these or a similar fairy tale and write about the most interesting similarities and differences you see between it and this novel.

3. Trace the image of the Shadow through the novel. Notice that it first appears in chapter 2. Make a list of its appearances, then notice the changes in Ged's relations with his Shadow. Write about the meanings you see in these changes.

4. In "The Child and the Shadow," Le Guin has said, "The shadow is not simply evil. It is inferior, primitive, awkward, animal-like, childlike; powerful, vital, spontaneous . . . . Without it a person is nothing . . . . The person who denies his own profound relationships with evil denies his own reality. He cannot do, or make; he can only undo, unmake." Discuss how this novel illustrates any part or all of this quotation.

5. Study the temptation of the Stone of Terrenon in chapter 7. This incident nearly destroys Ged. What elements of this temptation make it so deadly? Write an explanation of why this is Ged's greatest temptation after the release of the Shadow.

6. Ged is repeatedly tempted to make contact with the world of the dead. He first experiences his Shadow when so tempted. He releases the Shadow when summoning a dead person to appear. He meets it again when...

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