How can a good thesis statement be written for a literature review of Wizard of the Crow?

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Wizard of the Crow is a novel written by Ngugi wa Thiong'o. The story focuses on Kamt and Nyawra and their life in the fictional Kingdom of Aburiria. The country is in a massive recession and most average people are starving due to a lack of resources. However, the King, who has been ruling so long that nobody can remember when he took power, has decided to build a massive monument to himself. It's called Marching to Heaven and will be high enough to reach space.

The Wizard of the Crow is a masterful piece of literature that can be best described as political satire. However, Thiong'o doesn't stick to just one genre of storytelling. He also touches on themes like love, truth, greed, poverty, race relations, religion, and science and technology.

There are a variety of ways you could approach writing a literature review of this novel. One common approach that writers user to talk about pieces of literature is analyzing the themes that the author conveys in their work and how successful they are in doing so. You could talk about the major events that happen in the story and how they relate to Thiong'o's intent.

Your thesis statement should be a distillation of the central argument of your essay. It should tell your reader what you're writing about and why. For example, maybe you want to talk about how The Wizard of the Crow functions as a political satire. You could point to real events in African countries that the author is satirizing. Or you could show how the various sub-themes that Thiong'o utilizes add to the quality of his satire. For example, your thesis statement could be something like "Thiong'o's analysis of race relations and racial identity strengthen the Wizard of the Crow as a satiric novel."

You could even pick the part of the novel that you like the most and talk about what makes it such an effective piece of literature. Regardless of what you decide on, make sure that your thesis statement is strong by using it to tell your reader exactly what you intend to prove with your essay. Best of luck!

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