The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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Questions and Answers: Similarities and Differences

1. How are Nat Eaton and William Ashby similar and different?

2. How are Mercy and Kit similar and different?

3. How do the men’s positions regarding the colonial charter differ?

4. How are Hannah and Kit similar and different?

5. In what ways was Kit’s beloved Barbados superior to Connecticut, and how is Connecticut similar (in her mind)?

1. Nat Eaton and William Ashby are alike in many ways. On the most basic level, they are both young men who are coming into their manhood at a time when the colonies are maturing as communities. The two young men must therefore act not just for themselves but as representatives of different aspects of colonial society. Both are also very practical, seeking their goals and working toward them, even if that means risk. Of course, they are also alike in that they both want to marry Kit.

They differ in character, affiliation, and approach to life. While William is willing to be daring for a good cause (as when he helps steal and hide the charter), he is mostly conservative by nature. William would be happiest simply upholding the norms and values of his community. By contrast, Nat is far more adventurous, in both public ways and private. He is willing to “illuminate” William’s house for no more benefit than personal satisfaction, and he returns to help Kit even when it is against the law. He also helps Hannah though no one knows it except Hannah. Nat follows his heart; William lets his heart be dictated to.

2. Mercy and Kit are alike in that they are both young women who are somewhat out of place in their own homes. However, Kit is out of place because she was raised elsewhere and because her character is outgoing; Mercy is out of place because her childhood illness crippled her, leaving her unable to easily enter into many of the town’s communal activities.

They are also alike in that they appreciate John Holbrook as a person, that they enjoy teaching the young, and that they have secrets they cannot speak for social reasons: Mercy cannot voice her love for John; Kit cannot...

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