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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare

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Student Question

What were some positive aspects of the Puritans' 17th-century lifestyle?

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As we see in Witch of Blackbird Pond,despite their demand that the community submit to their stern rules, Puritans were rebels that left England to form their own community, and it is this rebellious spirit, seeming to be paradoxical in light of their sternness, that gave rise to the American Revolution. Kit learns at the end of the novel that her rebellious spirit does have a place in the New England community, for, paradoxically, they share and value independence.

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A good and interesting question.

They had a strong emphasis on family.
They had a strong emphasis on community.
They emphasized ethics and living by one's conscience.
They sought spiritual and intellectual rigor.
They were brave and upstanding.
They worked hard.
They produced some original thoughts and sermons on religion.

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