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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare

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What are three major events in chapters 13-16 of The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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In these chapters, Kit gets an education about the ways of Wethersfield.

The most significant event from these chapters is that Kit goes to visit Hannah, because she tells John Hollbrook about it and he tells her she should not visit Hannah, and they get to talking.  John tells Kit he plans to marry Mercy, and goes homes with her.  When he arrives, Judith thinks John is interested in her, leading to an embarrassing incident where Matthew Wood gives John Hollbrook permission to marry Judith Wood, not Mercy Wood.  At the corn husking bee, William tells Kit he wants to marry her but she begs him not to, though she lets him kiss her.

Kit still does not understand the Puritans.  She laughs off Judith’s concerns about Hannah.

You know, Kit, there are a few people here in town who still haven’t forgotten that day you jumped into the river.  If they find out that you’re acquainted with a witch—(ch 137)

In chapter 15, we find out that not everyone agrees in Wethersfield.  Kit is surprised to find William talk to Matthew Wood about the town charter.  She thought he was a loyalist.

It was true, sometimes when William and Judith were talking about the house it was all she could do to keep her mind from wandering.  But she knew she would have remembered something as important as this. (p. 155)

Before long, soldiers come into town and Judith says that William knows where the town charter is.

In chapter 16, Nat gets in trouble for lighting pumpkins. This incident is important because his punishment, public chastisement, upsets Kit.

“This is horrible, Nat!” she burst out.  “I can’t bear to see you in this hateful thing.” (p. 167)

When Kit goes to talk to Hannah, Hannah asks her if she really loves William.  It is clear that Kit does not, she just wants to get out of the house.  She has feelings for Nat

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