The Witch of Blackbird Pond Summary and Analysis: Chapter 8

Elizabeth George Speare

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 8

One June morning, Matthew sends Kit and Judith to weed an onion field in the south meadow. They are now dressed exactly alike, as Rachel and Mercy made Kit a calico dress that matches theirs. While the weather still seems chilly compared to what she knew in Barbados, Kit enjoys being outside as much as Judith does. She is also struck by the intense green sprawl of the Great Meadows, something she has never seen, and which is as impressive in its way as the ocean waters she had known and loved. The meadow seems to speak to her, and Kit wishes she could be there just by herself and soak in the peace.

When Judith asks what she is looking at, rather than share this inner feeling, Kit asks...

(The entire section is 765 words.)