The Witch of Blackbird Pond Summary and Analysis: Chapter 3

Elizabeth George Speare

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 3

New Characters
A man in a leather coat: he gives Nat and Kit directions to Matthew Wood’s house.

Rachel Wood: Kit’s aunt, her mother’s sister.

Judith Wood: Kit’s cousin, a proud and pretty girl.

Mercy Wood: Kit’s cousin, a kind but crippled girl.

Matthew Wood: Kit’s uncle, an upstanding colonial citizen and good, austere Puritan.

Kit follows Captain Eaton through the muddy streets of Wethersfield. Nat walks beside her, carrying two trunks on his shoulders, and two more sailors follow carrying more of her luggage. They find their way to Matthew Wood’s house on High Street. When they knock, a woman answers....

(The entire section is 1002 words.)