The Witch of Blackbird Pond Summary and Analysis: Chapter 21

Elizabeth George Speare

Summary and Analysis: Chapter 21

One day in April, two marriages are announced. John Holbrook is going to marry Mercy Wood, and William Ashby is going to marry Judith Wood. The Wood house is very busy preparing for the weddings, which are planned for early May. John goes back to studying with Reverend Bulkeley and is clearer about how to disagree with his highly respected teacher. The weather finally improves enough for ships to start servicing the colony again, and this starts Kit thinking about Barbados and if she could sell her old dresses for enough money to buy passage home.

In mid-April, Kit walks through the town. She notes that as the heavy snows melted, the river flooded until the meadows were covered, which...

(The entire section is 553 words.)