The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare

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Summary and Analysis: Chapter 20

New Characters
Thankful Peabody: a local woman who gets married the winter after Kit’s trial.

On the day of the first winter snowfall, Mercy insists on getting out of bed, though she is still weak. Mercy loves the snow for how beautiful it makes the world, but Kit is not sure she likes it. She likes the beauty but not how the snow shrinks and muffles the world. That night, once a team of oxen has pulled a plow to partially clear the streets, William comes to visit Kit for the first time since the arrest. The conversation again limps along, until William tries to council Kit to show more judgment in the future and not spend time with people like Hannah Tupper. This leads Kit to a realization that no matter how much they work at it, they will never be enough alike to marry, and she tells William not to come calling anymore.

Kit does not see William again until Thankful Peabody’s wedding. There, she and Judith try to enjoy the festivities, but Judith is caught up in her concerns about her own marriage and Kit is simply lonely. Suddenly, two men who had been part of the Wethersfield militia enter with sad news. Of the twenty men from the village who had joined...

(The entire section is 429 words.)