The Winter's Tale Overview Quiz

"A snapper-up of unconsidered trifles." We've considered everything to guide you though the ins and outs of Shakespeare's most interesting problem play. Take The Winter's Tale Overview Quiz from eNotes before you take a test in class. Contains ten questions about the mistakes of King Leontes.

  1. What pronouncement from the Oracle do Cleomines and Dion deliver?

  2. What does Leontes demand that Antigonus do with Hermione's newborn baby?

  3. Who raises the abandoned child?

  4. Instead of poisoning Polixenes, what does Camillo do?

  5. Why does Leontes want to poison Polixenes?

  6. Of what does Polixenes assure Camillo?

  7. What supposedly happens to Antigonus?

  8. What does Antigonus leave with her when he abandons the baby girl?

  9. Where does Leontes send Hermione after he learns of Polixenes's escape?

  10. What startling announcement does Paulina make?