What are six important facts from The Winter's Tale?

Expert Answers

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If I understand this question correctly, it is asking for any six facts that the reader is given through the entire play of The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare.  

Fact number one:  The play begins in a Sicilian palace.  

Fact number two: Polixenes is the King of Bohemia.

Fact number three: Leontes is the King of Sicilly.

Fact number four: Polixenes and Leontes are long time friends of each other. Polixenes is visiting his friend Leontes, and has been there for about nine months.  

Fact number five: Leontes is married.  He is married to Hermione. Hermione is also very pregnant.  She has been pregnant for about nine months.  

Fact number six: Polixenes flees Sicily with a man named Camillo.   

Extra fact: Leontes throws his own pregnant wife in jail where she gives birth to a daughter. 

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