How does Dexter react when he first meets Judy Jones in "Winter Dreams"?

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When Dexter meets Judy Jones on the golf course for the first time, he's instantly smitten. There's just so much spirit about this young lady, a vitality and a passion that positively shines through her eyes. Dexter's never seen anyone quite like her before.

Indeed, so taken is Dexter with this spoiled, over-privileged brat that he instantly roots for her when she throws a hissy fit and almost physically assaults her nurse with a golf club. Most people wouldn't be too impressed by such a display of impudence, but Dexter is drawn to Judy's outsized personality and so finds it utterly hilarious.

After watching Judy's antics, Dexter suddenly feels way too old to be a caddy, too old to be called "Boy" by the well-heeled patrons of this upmarket country club. If someone much younger than him can show such independent-mindedness, then why can't he? So, suitably inspired by Judy's little tantrum, he promptly quits his job there and then.

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