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Winter Dreams eNotes Reading Response Prompts

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  • Release Date: October 07, 2019
  • Subjects: Language Arts and Literature
  • Age Levels: Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 9
  • Pages: 12
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What are the three fantasies Dexter often entertains in November? What do they reveal about him?

What are some specific details that indicate Judy’s father is wealthy? Do you think she is aware of her social class? Why or why not?

At what point in his encounter with Judy does Dexter suddenly quit his job? Explain how he is “unconsciously dictated to by his winter dreams.”

Why has Judy had a “terrible afternoon”? What do you think her description of her “terrible” experience reveals about her?

When does it occur to Dexter that he “could not have Judy Jones”? What are some specific details that indicate how difficult it is for him to move on in his life? How is Dexter different from the young man he had been when he first met Judy?


These eNotes Reading Response Prompts are designed to encourage your students to read more effectively and with more pleasure by giving them interesting subjects to write about after they have read. Many of the prompts will take them directly into the text, while others will give them an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings and to reflect on their own experiences.

A second purpose of the eNotes Reading Response Prompts is to facilitate instruction in ways that work for you in the classroom. The organization of the prompts makes them easy to use, and the content and construction of the prompts are designed to develop students’ knowledge and academic skills.

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