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Winter Dreams 2 Column Notes

by dicksont

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Age Levels: Grade 11
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  • 1920s Minnesota
  • Story begins during winter season


  • Was a golf caddie at 14
  • By the time he is 23, he owns his own business (laundromats)
  • From a working class family
  • Wants "nice things"
  • Wants Judy


  • Was 11 when Dexter first saw her
  • From a wealth family
  • Spoiled brat
  • At the age of 18/19, has a lot of suitors
  • Tried to beat her nurse with a golf club

Sybmols (Sunset, whiteness, snow)

  • Dexter realizes he cannot achieve his "dream"
  • Dexter's chances with Judy are gone
  • Judy's beauty fading
  • Memory of watching sunset with Judy
  • Innocence
  • Dreams cannot be realized when one is caught up in an illusion


I showed this through my document camera in the classroom and gave the categories. I had the students fillin the information in the second column. You can add or delete whatever you want.

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