The Wings of the Dove Chapters 35 and 36 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 35 and 36 Summary and Analysis


Merton is at an impasse. On Christmas Day, he dresses as for church and goes to Sir Luke’s home. There is something of considerable consequence about which he needs to speak to him, if he has arrived home yet. There is a carriage at the doctor’s door. It is that of Mrs. Lowder. In the carriage is Lord Mark, but Merton had been hoping that it would be Kate.

The door of Sir Luke’s home is answered by Mrs. Lowder, who tells Merton that the doctor should arrive the next day; he is on his way home from Venice. She tells him that Milly has died, or, as she phrases it, the dove has folded her wings. Merton says that perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the dove has spread its...

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