The Wings of the Dove Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 33 and 34 Summary and Analysis


Merton has return to London. It has been three weeks since he left Venice and two weeks since he arrived home. He is just now contacting Kate, claiming that this is in accordance with their “system” of not seeming to be together. Kate and Mrs. Lowder knew that he had left Venice, as they had been informed by letter from Susie. He asks Kate if Milly is dead, to which Kate replies that she is not, although she is surprised that Merton does not know this. Merton tells her that it has been terrible for him; he asks again if Milly is dying. Sir Luke has returned to Venice.

Kate mentions how wonderful she thinks Milly is. Merton is surprised, but Kate says that of course she feels this...

(The entire section is 996 words.)