The Wings of the Dove Chapters 29 and 30 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 29 and 30 Summary and Analysis


After Merton sleeps with Kate, he feels that he has been given a renewed kind of fidelity; he avoids all other human contact. Now, in order to maintain that fidelity, he must leave her alone and rejoin society. He knows that a sense of shame may come later, but for now he is content with this new intimacy. He may now focus on courting Milly in order to carry out the plan that Kate has devised for their future.

As Merton goes to the palace, he sinks at the thought that he must lie to Milly. Kate and Mrs. Lowder are returning to London. Mrs. Lowder is suspicious of Merton’s remaining in Venice.

Merton tells Milly that he is writing a book and needs quiet. London is too...

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