The Wings of the Dove Chapters 26-28 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 26-28 Summary and Analysis


Merton had been touring Venice with Kate, Mrs. Lowder, and Susie when Mrs. Lowder tells him to go back to visit Milly at the Palazzo Leporelli. He leaves them without a word, although he feels the awkwardness of being cast out. His feelings for Milly have not changed. He thinks of her in the same way he might a sister, but he does not hold her up like a princess as the others do.

The next visit is for dinner at the palace; all the ladies are present. Merton entertains the party with a description of his deplorable hotel. Milly is so amused that she asks herself to tea someday. Merton is nervous at her proposal, fearful of what it might do to his “game” concerning Kate and...

(The entire section is 1086 words.)