The Wings of the Dove Chapters 19-21 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 19-21 Summary and Analysis


Merton is pleased to receive a dinner invitation from Mrs. Lowder, but his pleasure is abated on learning that Milly and Susie are also invited. He arrives to find himself alone with Mrs. Lowder until Susie enters without Milly. Mrs. Lowder tells Merton that she wants him to be as she is, which confuses him. She talks of a potential trip to America until Kate comes in. When Susie arrives, she says that Milly is indisposed and cannot come. The conversation centers on the absent Milly, with Merton appealed to as an expert since he knew her before his fellow Britons did. They are shocked that Milly was not appreciated in America as much as she is in England. Merton dismisses this, and he is made...

(The entire section is 918 words.)