The Wings of the Dove Chapters 14-16 Summary and Analysis

Henry James

Chapters 14-16 Summary and Analysis


Milly cannot decide where she wants to go. At the moment, she is waiting for Sir Luke Strett’s house call. She knows that Sir Luke wants to speak with Susie and that he intends to give her instructions on taking care of Milly. Milly herself is ready to accept whatever the two plan.

Only a few days remain for the Americans’ sojourn in London. Much of the crowd has departed for other locations. Only a going-away dinner with Mrs. Lowder and Kate is left, other than Sir Luke’s visit, and Milly has a plan.

Milly sends Mrs. Lowder and Susie off by themselves. Before she leaves, Mrs. Lowder tells Milly that Susie informed her of Milly’s acquaintance with Merton Densher....

(The entire section is 828 words.)