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Characters Discussed

Henry VIII

Henry VIII, the king of England, married to Catherine and later to Anne. After Anne’s execution, he is free to marry again. True to history, Henry is presented as a combination of both good and evil.

Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon (EHR-uh-gon), the queen of England, whose marriage to Henry is annulled so that he may marry Anne.

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn (boh-LIHN), Catherine’s successor, unfaithful to Henry but jealous of Henry’s attentions to Jane Seymour. She is executed for her affair with Norris.

Cardinal Wolsey

Cardinal Wolsey (WOOL-zee), the Lord High Chancellor, who uses Wyat and later Mabel in attempts to overthrow Anne. Henry removes him from office, publicly disgraces him, and later has him arrested. He dies on the way to London.

The earl of Surrey

The earl of Surrey, a member of the court, imprisoned after a duel with Richmond over Geraldine. Released, he joins the pursuers of Herne.

The duke of Richmond

The duke of Richmond, Henry’s natural son.

Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald, the fair Geraldine, loved by both Surrey and Richmond.

Mabel Lyndwood

Mabel Lyndwood, the granddaughter of Lyndwood, a royal forester. She is the unacknowledged daughter of Wolsey and is loved by both Herne and Fenwolf. She dies after being abducted by Herne.

Morgan Fenwolf

Morgan Fenwolf, a gamekeeper who saves Anne from attack by a stag. He joins Herne’s midnight huntsmen and is imprisoned after the huntsmen attack Henry and Suffolk, but he escapes. He fails in an attempt to murder Herne and is later burned in a forest fire while pursuing Herne.

Herne the Hunter

Herne the Hunter, a spectral demon seeking to destroy Henry. He is vaguely symbolic of humanity’s dual nature.

Sir Thomas Wyat

Sir Thomas Wyat, who is in love with Anne and bewitched by Herne.

Lady Mary Howard

Lady Mary Howard, Surrey’s sister, who marries Richmond.

Lady Frances Vere

Lady Frances Vere, who is wed to Surrey after Henry refuses him permission to marry Geraldine.

Princess Elizabeth

Princess Elizabeth, the young daughter of Henry and Anne.

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour, who is loved by Henry after Anne becomes queen. Later, she becomes Henry’s third wife.

Sir Henry Norris

Sir Henry Norris, who is in love with Anne. He is sent to the Tower of London for intrigue with Anne.




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