The Plot

(Critical Survey of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

The Windrose Chronicles can best be described as two books and a sequel. The Silent Tower, which begins the quest of Joanna Sheraton and Antryg Windrose to find and eliminate the evil Darkmage, Suraklin, ends in one of the most spectacular cliff-hangers in fantasy literature. The action continues less than a month later in The Silicon Mage. The two books were combined in an omnibus volume titled Darkmage (1988). Despite a fairly firm sense of closure at the end of The Silicon Mage, the story of Joanna and her mad lover, Antryg, resumes four months later in Dog Wizard.

The first two novels comprise the story of Antryg, Stonne Caris, and Joanna as they investigate periodic “spells of deadness” that drain hope and magic from both their worlds. They attempt to discover the location of Suraklin, who has been dead for twenty-five years. Suraklin, who has been “living” by taking over the minds of others, has found the means to immortality by programming his personality into a series of computer subroutines. Joanna, despite her growing love for Antryg, is tricked by Suraklin into betraying him to the inquisition. Back on her own world again, she follows the Darkmage, now in the body of her former lover and fellow programmer, Gary Fairchild, back through the Void. There she rescues Antryg, with the help of Caris and Pellicida of Senterwing, and the three set off to try to locate the Darkmage’s computer before it goes “on line” permanently.

When a mage is murdered after a mysterious opening in the Void, Salteris Solaris, the Archmage, and his grandson Caris, a sasenna of the Council of Wizards, journey to the Silent Tower to ask the renegade, Antryg Windrose, for information about the nature of the Void and the worlds that lie beyond it. When Salteris disappears, Antryg, who has escaped from the Tower, is blamed. Caris tracks Antryg through the Void to a house in California’s San...

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