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Marc Hart

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[Assault with Intent] is mildly entertaining and gives a rather interesting view of modern Catholics, from the old priests in the seminary who find the new ways of the Church difficult to understand to the conservative group called the Tridentines, who are pretty much a caricature of people on the lunatic fringe of conservatism. In addition, the author describes the actions of a group of inept people in great detail. The net effect is a great many comic situations. Because of the large number of sight gags, under proper direction this book could well be made into a good comedy-mystery movie. (It even has the required nude female scene.) In fact the movie would probably be better than the book. Father Koesler is all right as a detective, "but he is not Father Brown."

Marc Hart, "Sleuths and Spies: 'Assault with Intent'," in Best Sellers (copyright © 1982 Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation), Vol. 42, No. 4, July, 1982, p. 137.

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