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William Shakespeare

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What was William Shakespeare's last play?

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"The Tempest" is usually considered by scholars to be the last play Shakespeare wrote alone, around 1610 or 1611. Based on the real-life voyage of William Strachey’s ship, the Seaventure, and its shipwreck on the island of Bermuda in 1609. This is the only play based in the New World, a place that was becoming quite the focus in England. The colony of Jamestown had been recently established, and hopes were high that England, as its enemy Spain had done, would make its American colonies a financial success.

As far as the last play with which Shakespeare had any contact, may have been "The Two Noble Kinsmen," which he may have co-wrote with John Fletcher around 1613.  It is the only play by Shakespeare that has never been adapted for the screen.

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